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Let Us Put Running Waters Into Your Landscapes.

Running Waters Landscapes Inc. specializes in Natural Water Features Including:


They can't be found in local "Home Supply & Garden Centers".
They don't come in "Kits".
They are not "Pre-formed".
There are no "Visible Liners"

They are Unique, One of a Kind, Custom Designed & Installed.

They look completely natural - as if they have always been there.

A Running Waters Landscapes Inc. Water Feature will give you clear running water that is low maintenance and mosquito free.

Running Waters Landscapes Inc. re-creates mother nature for your exclusive & personal enjoyment.

Whether your landscape dreams include a Tranquil Pond, a Bubbling Brook, a Stream, The Gentle Trickle of Running Water or The Excitement of Rapids & Roaring Falls, Running Waters Landscapes Inc. can do it all.

Running Waters Landscapes Inc. guarantees all workmanship on new installs for a minimum of 1 year up to 5 years from date of installation. All new installations include a Free Design and we gladly provide free written estimates.

Running Waters Landscapes Inc. carries insurance, underwritten by a major insurance company.

Running Waters Landscapes Inc.  is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Running Waters Landscapes Inc.  is a member of Landscape Ontario.