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Excavation is well underway. This water feature will be without a pond 9' tall 4' wide with 5 drops including 3 sheet falls & 2 rapids.
Each rock is hand picked and placed.

We now have Running Water.
Planting is near completion.
Mulch over fabric was used as ground cover for a maintenance free garden. Trees are being staked.

Preparation for a 45' wide & 5' high retaining wall has begun.
This pile of boulders will soon become the new retaining wall.
The first course of the retaining wall has been placed.

The retaining wall is complete. It's time for sod. This job is almost done.
Sheet fall at the bottom of this water feature. Notice there isn't a pond.

This water feature pumps approximately 8500 gallons of water per hour. The homeowner wanted the excitement of rapids & roaring falls!
The sod has been laid. The job has been completed.